Title of the keynote address:

“Gallium Nitride (GaN) Power Electronic Solutions For A ‘Greener & Smarter’ World!”

Keynote Speakers

Dr Khaled H. Ahmed has over 14 years of research experience in Electrical Power Engineering, particularly In Renewable Energy Integration, Distributed Generation, Digital Control of Power Electronic Systems, Solar Energy Systems, Offshore Wind Energy, DC/DC Converters, Smart Grid and HVDC. To know more....
Dr. Lina Bertling Tjernberg research aims to develop models for electric power solutions for the future sustainable energy system - which is captured in the concept of Smart Grid. Areas of special expertise are in applied reliability theory and maintenance management.Her research involves experience failure and condition data from including case studies for electrical grids and components, wind power turbines and hydro power.
She is a Senior Member of IEEE and is the Chair of the Swedish PE/PEL Chapter To know more....
Dr. Anders Malmquist
Polygeneration research group
Energy Department
KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden


Papers to be Published in:

                    Rapid progress and transformations in engineering field have largely been responsible for the comfortable life and safety of human beings. Innovative ideas and inventions from across the globe need to be shared and discussed for their pros, cons and sustainability. Recent technological challenges emphasize the need for coordinated work among engineers from as many streams as possible in order to enhance the comfort of mankind. The dream to create smart cities for the future generation is one such huge challenge. Facing this big task requires huge investments, assessment on technological viability and enhanced manufacturing ability of the nation. This necessitates interaction among researchers, manufacturers, scientists and budding entrepreneurs around the globe.
                      First International Conference on Power Engineering, Computing and CONtrol, PECCON 2017 provides a forum for practicing professionals, academicians, research scholars and students to exchange their innovative ideas, inferences and knowledge gathered through rigorous experiments. The main theme of PECCON 2017 is “Conceptualizing Green Energy Solutions for Smart World”. Distinguished speakers from across the globe will enlighten the participants by sharing their expertise in the emerging fields of engineering and technology.

Ms. Nikita Hari , also the Co-founder of Favalley , serves as the Chairperson of EPSRC Centre for Power Electronics-UK, Secretary-IEEE , Steering committee Camawise , Advisory board member for Xter Tech Labs & Educational Consultant at iQdemic . Her current research interests include wideband gap devices, GaN power electronics and custom power electronic devices To know more....

First International Conference on
Power Engineering Computing and CONtrol

Conceptualizing Green Energy Solutions for Smart World

Dr.Khaled Ahamed
Senior Lecturer
School of Electrical Engineering
King’s College,
University of Aberdeen

KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden

Title of the keynote address:

“Smart Power Grid in the 21st Century: A collaborative University-Industry Approach”

Title of the keynote address:

“Smart power systems for sustainable cities”

Dr. Akhtar Kalam
Head of Engineering
Leader-Smart Energy Research Unit College of Engineering and Science Victoria
University, Australia

Knowledge and Technology partner

Dr. Akhtar Kalam has wide experience in educational institutions and industry across four continents. His major areas of interests are Power System Analysis, Communication, Control, Protection and Cogeneration Systems. To know more....

Scope of the Conference

Title of the keynote address:

“Small-scale Polygeneration systems for increased utilization of available renewable energy sources and demand fulfilment of multiple energy services”

Title of the keynote address:

“Smart Power Grid in the 21st Century: A collaborative University-Industry Approach”

2nd - 4th March 2017
Organized by School of Electrical Engineering
VIT Chennai

Title of the keynote address:

“HVDC Transmission Systems and DC Grids”

Dr. Lina Bertling Tjernberg
Professor, Power Grid Technology, KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden
Dr. Prahlad Vadakkepat
Associate Professor
National University of Singapore
Founder Secretary of FIRA
Ms. Nikita Hari
Co-founder, Favalley & Doctoral Scholar Electrical Engineering University of Cambridge, UK
Dr. Anders Malmquist is the leader of the Polygeneration research group within the Energy Department of KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden. The research is focused on small-scale combined energy systems utilizing various combinations of renewable energy sources to produce multiple energy services like electricity, heating, chilling and water treatment. He is also CEO of the company Compower AB that is developing an externally fired micro gas turbine system for residential micro CHP and also for harvesting Concentrated Solar Power. To know more....
Dr. Prahlad Vadakkepat, Associate Professor at National University of Singapore is the founder secretary of the Federation of International Robot-soccer Association[www.fira.net] and currently its General Secretary. To know more....